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eVelocity Startup Demo Day is an initiative by Fidelity India to empower innovations & startups through business challenges.We at Fidelity India believe that engaging with startups is a perfect way to stay ahead of the curve, gain exposure to advances in new technologies, and spot innovation as it happens.Our objective is to identify startups that have the potential to solve our challenges through innovative solutions. eVelocity Startup Demo Day is platform for startups to showcase their solutions and get an opportunity to collaborate with Fidelity India, one of the world’s largest financial services organization.

This Demo Day, organized by Fidelity India in association with IncubateHub, aims to find top startups in 2 themes mentioned below. These startups will join our eVelocity Accelerator program, where they will solve a set of high level business challenges that require innovative tech-enabled solutions which work at the scale.

Value Proposition for Startups

Opportunity for best startups to become a Cohort of our Accelerator program

Business opportunity and partnership with Fidelity

Gain deep domain exposure from Fidelity’s senior leaders and domain experts


Submit your solution based on following themes:
Showcase ground breaking AI and ML solutions in the "Insight Generation" in financial services domain.
Fidelity has lots of data which are both structured and unstructured. We are looking for actionable insights to predict emotions, context behind buying behaviors, predict churn & create personalized product recommendations and also communicate with our customers using natural language. We are looking for solutions to augment our customer experience. Do you have unique solutions using AI in the areas of Facial recognition, speech and text analytics, ML, Deep Learning and NLG?
Solution to automate business processes using AI/ML/Image Recognition with an emphasis to manage unstructured documents
Few of our business processes have manual touchpoints today as it involves verification of diverse set of unstructured documents. This impacts our service levels. We are looking to automate our business processes using AI and Advance Image Recognition technologies with emphasis to manage unstructured documents. Apply Now if you have an innovative solution to solve this business problem!


Startup Application
AUG 11 - 25
AUG 26
Online shortlisting
(Stage 1)
Online presentation from selected startups
AUG 27 - SEP 6
(Stage 2)
Demoday event * in Bangalore
SEP 14 th*

*Tentative Date. Will be communicated to selected Startups with prior notice.


Anupama Madhu
Director – Startup Accelerator
(Fidelity Investments)

Ashwin Kumar
Director - Cognitive Computing Group
(Fidelity Investments)

Subramaniam Vaithiyalingam
Senior Manager,Software Engineering
(Fidelity Investments)


Date & Time
Webinar Topic
Aug 21,2018 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM
Business overview and Use Cases & Accelerator insights


  • 1.What is Fidelity eVelocity Startup Demo Day?
    Fidelity eVelocity Startup Demo Day is an amazing platform for startups to showcase their solutions and get an opportunity to collaborate with Fidelity India, one of the world’s largest financial services organization and Pioneers in developing cutting-edge technology solutions
  • 2. Are there any pre-requisites for applying?
    Your startup must have a Minimum Viable Product and if selected, should be willing to work with Fidelity to execute the proposed solution for business challenges given in accelerator program.
  • 3. How can I apply for the challenge & is there any application fee?
    Startups can apply online here. There are no application fees.
  • 4. How do I know my startup is shortlisted?
    All shortlisted teams will receive an email communicating their selection for next round.
  • 5. Who owns the IP?
    Startups who already have IPs are most welcome to apply to this startup showcase. The IP of existing product if any will always belong with the startup. The creation, ownership & usage of future IPs would be mutually discussed between Fidelity & every selected startup before it gets into Fidelity's Accelerator program.
  • 6. What are next steps if I am selected for the Demo Day?
    • Selected Startups for the Demo Day will get an opportunity to showcase their product/solution in front of Fidelity Senior Leaders from all over the globe.

    • Top 2 Startups from each themes will be funneled into eVelocity Accelerator program
  • 7. Does my business need to be a B2C or B2B business?
    Either is good.

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